Incarnation, Salvation, and Hope

I have a new post on the website for United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy, a reflection on Christmas. I hope you find it meaningful: 

Christmas is about many things to many people. For some people, it is about shopping and presents. For others, it is about spending time with family. For the orthodox believer, however, Christmas is about the Incarnation. At a particular point in history, in a particular place, among particular people, Christ was born—fully divine and fully human. God took on the realities of human existence.

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2 thoughts on “Incarnation, Salvation, and Hope

  1. “We have a savior because we so desperately need one.”

    “Apart from Christ, there is simply no hope, but in Christ there is limitless hope.”

    Well said.

    In my experience, I find people substituting other things, but there is no substitute.

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