A Great New Study for Your Church

My friend Shane Stanford has written a new book called Journeywise: Redeeming the Broken and Winding Roads we Travel. It’s a study of the Beatitudes and their meaning for the Christian life. Here’s part of the description taken from the website:

To be JourneyWise is to discover and live out the simple yet powerful truths of the Beatitudes. It is through the Beatitudes, which literally mean “blessings,” that Jesus gives us a new definition of significance before leading us to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, our relationship with God, and the interconnections we have with others. They speak to our friendships, actions, fears, prejudices, and joys. They are pragmatic, powerful lessons wrapped in simple words. In their simplicity and accuracy, the Beatitudes yield amazing results when practiced faithfully.

And here’s Shane describing this book in his own words:

I’ve gotten to know Shane as we’ve worked together on a forthcoming project called the Servant School. He is a humble, faithful, and wise man of God. My appreciation of him grows each time we’re together. I know you’ll benefit from his insights in Journeywise.