Two Podcasts and a Few Articles

A few items of interest from recent weeks:

Jeffrey Rickman was kind enough to invite me to join him on the “Plain Spoken” podcast to talk about Wesleyan doctrine, particularly as it applies to the Global Methodist Church.

And I really enjoyed this audio-only podcast with Carolyn Moore and Pierce Drake on “The Art of Holiness. ”

There are also a few Firebrand articles to which I’ll call your attention. I wrote a Big Read on Scripture, inspiration, and revelation, one that generated a lot of conversation including this response from Professor Tom McCall (a member of Firebrand‘s board). Subsequently I wrote this follow-up piece, to which Professor McCall issued another gracious response.

Finally, I was interviewed for an article by Terry Mattingly on Get Religion. It was on the surprising overnight hit “Rich Men North of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony. I feel I’ve finally made it in life having been publicly identified as “a theologian and country music fan.”