New Podcast: Women in Christian Ministry

There has been no small amount of dialogue among North American Protestants as of late on the contributions of women in ministry and the challenges they face. Beth Moore’s “A Letter to My Brothers,” for example, is a painful reality check from an evangelical icon:

I am a laugher. I can take jokes and make jokes. I know good fun when I’m having it and I also know when I’m being dismissed and ridiculed. I was the elephant in the room with a skirt on. I’ve been talked down to by male seminary students and held my tongue when I wanted to say, “Brother, I was getting up before dawn to pray and to pore over the Scriptures when you were still in your pull ups.”

It’s a sobering read. I encourage you to read it anyway.

This week on the podcast we talk with two women actively involved in ministry, Dr. Bridget Weatherspoon and Tesia Mallory. Both are ministers in The United Methodist Church. podcastcrewWe run the gamut in this one: biblical testimony, historical precedent, stories of support, stories of sexism, and we even talk for a bit about the now notorious “Amendment 1.” This was a proposed amendment to the Constitution of The United Methodist Church that affirmed gender equality. It did not pass. At the time of the podcast, what we didn’t know was that the amendment that did not pass was wrongly worded, and that a revised version would come up for a vote this year. So bear with us on this one, please.

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