More Faith and Disability Resources

Not long ago I wrote a post on faith and disability resources. A friend of mine was kind enough to point out some resources I had left out. (Thanks, Lynn Swedberg!) The first list wasn’t supposed to be exhaustive by any means, but these additional resources are important, and I’m glad to provide links to them here.

One key resource is the Disabilities Ministries Committee of The United Methodist Church. If you want to receive information on a regular basis about what’s going on in UMC disability ministries, you can sign up for the Voice of the UM Disability Connection Newsletter. I also recommend checking out the website of Naomi Mitchum, which provides access to a large number of materials related to ministry with people with disabilities. Additionally, the United Methodist Women have a page providing links to a number of important resources on disability ministries.

Finally, I commend to you a book written by ministers with disabilities, most of whom are United Methodist. It’s called Speaking Out: Gifts of Ministering Undeterred by Disabilities.

Okay… That’s it for now… until I get another email letting me know what I’ve left out!


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