Are our expectations of God too low?

Recently I had the privilege of speaking with Odell Horne of the North Georgia Annual Conference and Dr. Daniel Castelo of Duke Divinity School on the nature of the God we worship as Christians. The conversation was a program for the United Methodist Men in that conference. Both of these conversation partners have very keen minds and the conversation was enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. This segment of our discussion deals with the matter of divine action and our expectations of God. I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Are our expectations of God too low?

  1. It seems that well-resourced, comfortable self-satisfied believers do hold God at a distance, not allowing God’s intimate approach because of fear that to do so will demand that they give up their “sweet life” and risk being called to do something they not desire…. like adjust their lifestyle or become a foreign missionary! I’ve heard it said that one receives about as much of God as one is willing to accept. When one is marginalized, has little or nothing, there is nothing to lose by casting all of oneself upon the Lord… it seems a risk worth taking for the spiritually and materially impoverished… often with great, abundant reward!

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