Clean Water in the Slums of Nairobi

In October of this year I had the privilege of traveling to Nairobi, Kenya, with a small group from Springdale First UMC (Springdale, Arkansas) and Stillwater UMC (Dayton, Ohio). Our work was with the Huruma Tent of Prayer in Mathare, the third largest slum in Africa.

The focus of the trip was the provision of clean water for people in Mathare, and we took two different approaches. The first was the financing of a well. You can watch a short video on the well project here:

The second was the distribution of water filters. Here’s a brief account of our work in that regard:

Both videos were put together by the very talented Patrick Hall of Springdale First UMC.

Huruma Tent of Prayer is an amazing congregation led by my friend Davies Musigo. If you’d like to contribute to their support, you can do so through Spirit and Truth’s Kenya fund.

3 thoughts on “Clean Water in the Slums of Nairobi

  1. Thank you for highlighting Kenya. Having spent nearly a decade there in the 80s I know that Missouri Valley has been what it is today for many decades. May God bless your efforts for the kingdom sake and for the sake sake of the people of Kenya.

  2. Blessings on your journey. Israel and the West Bank Should have have ok water. I don’t know about water available now there.

  3. Thank you for your participation in this ministry. When I was in Nairobi in 1999, much of the water needed filtration due to the crowded conditions and very poor sanitation. I assume it has only gotten worse. Thank you for your sharing this.

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