The Pandemic in the Slums of Nairobi

Some time back I met a remarkable Christian leader named Davies Musigo. He is the pastor of the Huruma Tent of Prayer United Methodist Church in Nairobi, Kenya. Davies is a humble, dedicated leader who oversees many different ministries with very few resources. I’d encourage you to listen to the eye-opening interview we did with him on our podcast.


Life during COVID-19 has been hard in the U.S. I’ve been particularly concerned during this time, however, for friends in places like Kenya and Cuba who have so few resources to combat the pandemic, and who often live in closer quarters than we do in the U.S. Recently I invited Pastor Davies to write a piece on what life is like for him, his family, and his church in this time. Davies resides and works in the Mathare slum, a section of Nairobi where over 500,000 people live in an area of about three square miles. Running water, healthcare, and often food are in short supply. You can access the article he wrote here on the Spirit & Truth website. As hard as things have been here, they have been utterly crushing for folks in parts of the world where the civic infrastructure is especially weak.


Please keep these good souls in your prayers, and, if you are able, please give to help them.