A New Study Bible From Baylor

Baylor University Press has just released the Baylor Annotated Study Bible, edited by W. H. Bellinger, Jr., and Todd D. Still.

Baylor Study Bible

From the back cover:

The Baylor Annotated Study Bible represents a monumental collaborative effort, bringing together nearly seventy biblical scholars–Baylor faculty, graduates, affiliates, and friends–to refresh our view of the sacred texts. A reliable companion for both personal and classroom study, the Baylor Annotated Study Bible follows in the long-standing mission of Baylor University: to serve as a faithful witness to the liberating, transformative good news of the gospel.

I’m not going to provide an in-depth review here because I just received my copy and haven’t had time to dig in too deeply. I’ll note a few features, though:

  • The text is the NRSV (my preferred translation for academic study).
  • It follows in the tradition of study Bibles like the New Oxford Annotated Bible, the HarperCollins Study Bible, and the New Interpreter’s Bible, providing explanatory notes mainly on historical and literary features of the text.
  • The version I received does include the Apocrypha, though not all versions do. If you want the Apocrypha, be sure you order the right version.
  • It includes a reasonably thorough biblical timeline that begins with the patriarchal era (2000-1700 BCE) and continues through the growth and expansion of the early church (70s-120s CE).
  • It also includes a glossary of terms and names mentioned in the introductions, commentaries, and timeline.
  • A brief NRSV concordance follows the glossary.

I plan to use this text in my New Testament 1 course next year and at that time I may say a bit more about how I like it. For now, I’ve always known Baylor UP to produce high-quality publications, and I anticipate a good experience with this new study Bible.



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