Book Announcement: Words that Heal

I’m excited to announce the arrival of a new book by my colleague, Dr. Joni Sancken, Associate Professor of Homiletics at United Theological Seminary. The book is called Words That Heal: Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls (Abingdon, 2019, 122 pp.).

Words that heal

From the back of the book:

Words That Heal: Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls offers students and preachers a deeper understanding of the wounded human soul and provides practical instruction on how to preach from this new understanding. The book includes:

  • description and examples of soul wounds and what causes them
  • theological frameworks for addressing unhealed wounds
  • a look at soul wounds in the Bible and tools for interpreting them
  • examination of soul wounds in the church
  • guidance for preaching to those who have been wounded
  • instruction on how to preach the gospel with words that heal and build resilient people

And from the Abingdon Press website:

Soul wounds are pervasive in our world, with a range of origins and characteristics. The field of trauma theory provides tools to unpack the dynamics associated with these wounds.

Preaching with empathy for wounded souls can help with healing. Using the stories of wounded biblical figures is helpful, as is addressing the wounds that have been caused by the church.

The book showcases worship practices, sermons and ministries that are actively engaged in supporting healing for those with wounded souls.

If you’re a preacher or seminary student, I highly recommend ordering a copy of this book by my outstanding colleague.


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  1. I’ve pre-ordered and just got notification that it’s almost ready! I’ve enjoyed Dr. Sancken’s other work “Stumbling Over the Cross,” so I’m excited to read this.

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