A Couple of Podcasts on Spirits, Holy and Otherwise

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing two very interesting people associated with charismatic expressions of Christianity. The first, Marion Hayes, is an Episcopalian who has written her Doctor of Ministry project on how to lead and pastor in the midst of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Her interest in this subject is based on a past experience of such an outpouring at a church in Germany. She talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you want to listen directly through this post, you can do so here:


The second, Ken Fish, is… well… he’s Ken Fish. He doesn’t like to be called an evangelist, an apostle, or anything like that, so he’s just Ken to us. He’s the founder of Kingdom Fire Ministries based in California, and he travels around the world with ministry teams doing some amazing work. During the interview with Ken, we talk mainly about deliverance ministry and spiritual warfare. This one will stretch some of our listeners, but whether or not you end up agreeing with the perspectives expressed, I’ll bet you find the conversation fascinating.

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7 thoughts on “A Couple of Podcasts on Spirits, Holy and Otherwise

  1. David, I just finished listening to Ken’s interview last night – Wow, Love Love Love this discussion!!! Bless you for taking that step to introduce folks to this ministry. It is so needed in the church … you know how I feel about that. This is exactly the type of ministry I want to serve under – the fullness of healing mind, body, spirit – just like our Jesus.

    Both interviews, I just didn’t want them to end! I’m hoping there’s a Marion part 2 – what a blessing that woman is! It was healing to me just listening to her testimony and the beauty of how God walked with her through the struggle. That He was ‘so sorry’ … it was as if the Lord spoke His words through her and healed my heart, also.

    Can not wait to hear the next podcast … you’ve set the bar quite high for yourselves. 👍🏼😃

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    • Meg, thank you! I really enjoyed being a part of these podcasts, and both guests were so insightful…. Glad you found them helpful!



  2. Dr. Watson,
    Once again the podcast has disturbed the Bultmannian world I was reared in, a world that “made sense” but went against much of what I came to know intuitively as I moved on through ministry (running into radical evil and the reality of the Spirit). You have all stirred up what had been replanted when I read Alan Kreider’s last book The Patient Ferment of the Early Church a year ago (drawing on the early Church he documents that Christianity offered real deliverance from real demonization). I’m not entirely sure what to do with all this except to attend.
    Thank you, once again.

      • I think you’ll find it interesting. Alan Kreider, who died just last year, was a Mennonite missionary who spent most of his service in Great Britain alongside his spouse and partner Eleanor. During his last decade he devoted much to the convergence of the early church, the Fathers, and the Charismatic movement.

  3. Dr. Watson,

    The podcast mention how our church history has been edited to remove supernatural occurrences. Do you have any recommended resources for claiming back this lost history?

    • You could email Scott Kisker at United (stkisker@united.edu) for more information, but I would recommend Frank Billman’s book, The Supernatural Thread in Methodism as a good place to start.

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