Our Christmas-tastic Holy-Spirited End-of-Year Special

Church of the Nativity Grotto

Traditional site of Jesus’ birth in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Well, folks, it’s almost Christmas, and to celebrate the season we have a brand new podcast up. In this episode, we talk about the the meaning of the Incarnation, Gregory of Nazianzus, John Mellencamp, Athanasius, Mary, Santa Claus, and Scott’s propensity for leaving one of his children behind on road trips. Also, Maggie tells us why she’s having a minimalist Advent this year, Charles Wesley makes several appearances, and Scott admits that he doesn’t have a favorite Christmas song (despite the fact that he was once in an acapella choir).

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3 thoughts on “Our Christmas-tastic Holy-Spirited End-of-Year Special

  1. Something kicked in for me when Maggie mentioned the Joyful Mystery and the search for Jesus: “three days.” Seems that there is an Easter connection with “three days.”

  2. Thank you David for the gift of your post. I’ve enjoyed being provoked to consider the gift of the Incarnation while doing domestic chores today. I really appreciate you guys reflecting on faith and culture and your own personal lives with us. Indeed, truly gifts to us this Christmas. Your work helps me feel connected as a Methodist during this difficult season of my own personal life when I feel more disconnected and alienated from the very people I have been called to serve. Truly a painful Christmas season for our family.

    Indeed, I like Mellencamp, Mary Did You Know, for reasons I am not sure I can articulate, but I truly love your podcast and will continue to listen! I really look forward to listening each time.

    God bless you and your precious family. Indeed, Merry Christmas!


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