Getting Up Close and Personal About Disability

United Theological Seminary recently hosted an event with Ginghamsburg Church on ministry with people with disabilities. It was a great success. During the event many of the speakers talked with great insight and sensitivity about their own journey with disabilities or with loved ones who live with disabilities. Harriet and I spoke about our own son, Sean, who has Down Syndrome. In preparation for our presentation, I created this video with our older son, Luke. I hope you enjoy it. (By the way, you can’t watch it on a mobile device because of copyright issues.)


2 thoughts on “Getting Up Close and Personal About Disability

  1. what a beautiful movie, I had tears in my eyes and was feeling the joy and happiness that you must feel on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing me to watch this movie. God Bless billr

  2. Sean was good but Luke was great as a Director and Narriator. I may see his future. Great movie.

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